-The Watering Hole – Liberty in the Park 2013

The Watering Hole – Liberty in the Park 2013

What started as a pretty dismal morning did indeed bloom into a beautiful day filled with freedom and fellowship. Liberty in the Park hosted by none other than the Libertarian Party of Minnesota, took place this last weekend (July 13th) at Burnes Park in Hopkins. Considering that this was a quasi-political event, I was surprised that guests were not on the defensive but were quite approachable and amiable. I met with several new faces and count each liberty encounter as a treasure.

“Thank you everyone, what a great crowd. It is so nice to see strangers approach each other with smiles as they say hello to each other, knowing they are in the right place and don’t have to put their guard up. It is even nicer to see friendships continue to grow. I hope everyone had a great time, I sure did.” – David Arvidson, Chair of the LPMN

While in attendance at  Burnes Park, I got the notion that it was a figurative watering hole. We had individuals of the GOP, DFL, LPMN, non-partisan groups, and local neighborhoods turnout for the festivities. It wasn’t water that drew these diverse visitors to the park, but freedom and liberty (and quite possibly the Johnsonville brats as well). Many had a brew in one hand, brat in the other, and a smile on their face. Face painted children ran around kicking and throwing balls. One small “batman,” with the help of his father, tried the hula hoop for his first time.

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Some local Twin Cities area candidates made it out, not to kiss babies and shake hands, but instead to enjoy the day and everyone’s company. Some in attendance were: Jeff Johnson seeking the GOP nomination for Governor, David Gerson seeking the CD2 GOP nomination for US Congress, Joel Brinker Mayoral candidate for St. Peter, Noah Johnson Hopkins City Council and Zavier Bicott running for Bloomington City council at-large .

Don’t fret, if you missed the Liberty in the Park this year we’ll have one next year. Better yet we have other plans for this summer. We are planning a golf tournament, candidate trainings, local meetups, and a return to the State Fair.

We thank you all of you for supporting the expansion of liberty and partnering with us as we explore ideas for a more fiscally responsible, socially accepting, peaceful future. The Libertarian Party of MN is committed to restoring our individual liberties through running strong candidates for public office, empowering the grassroots, and holding legislators accountable. We welcome you to the new political alternative in Minnesota Libertarianism, the only philosophical and political movement which supports your freedom on all issues, all the time!

Corey Sinz

LPMN Executive Committee Member


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