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LPMN EC Approves Resolution to stand with the individuals targeted for opening their businesses and homes.

WHEREAS Individuals have the ability to determine for themselves acceptable risk in choosing how to use their own properties or property to which they are welcome to visit WHEREAS The First Amendment protects free assembly among all consenting parties WHEREAS Governor Tim Walz' executive orders are unilateral, arbitrary, and a clear violation of The Constitution

LPMN EC Approves Resolution in Response to Walz Emergency Powers

WHEREAS, WE, THE LIBERTARIAN PARTY OF MINNESOTA affirms that individuals have the ability to evaluate the risks and consequences of their actions and decisions on their own property WHEREAS, THE LIBERTARIAN PARTY OF MINNESOTA recognizes the danger of suspending individual liberty, even in times of social emergency WHEREAS, THE FIRST AMENDMENT of the Constitution guarantees

Libertarian Party of Minnesota Needs Your Help!

What do you want the Libertarian Party of Minnesota to be doing? Should we be educating citizens about Libertarian ideas? Should we be influencing legislation and legislators?  Should we be running our own candidates? For me, the answer is D. All of the above. There is a case to be made for each of those

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