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The Public Policy Influence & Advocacy (PPIA) Division shall be responsible for developing and maintaining interactions between the Libertarian Party of Minnesota and elected government officials, as well as tracking the results of interactions to help shape candidacy strategy. The PPIA Division shall also be responsible for ensuring that the Libertarian Party input is provided for key legislation and initiatives when and where possible.

PPIA Division general responsibilities:

  • Work with Elected and Appointed Officials. Build Relationships with City Council members, County Commissioners, Assemblymen, State Senators, Congressmen and US Senators as well as their staff.
  • Profiles. Maintain records on each elected official to include their issues, their financial backers and their voting history.
  • Legislation. Review and analyze all bills to determine which pieces of legislation are favorable to the Libertarian Party and our core principles. Author bills and identify co-sponsors for proposed legislation.
  • Lobbying. Have  a presence at the capitol to push policy in a libertarian direction.

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