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The Political Division is responsible for recruiting and training Libertarian candidates for public office. This includes working with volunteers and maintaining a list of all elected and appointed offices. The Political Division provides support to candidates such as assistance with filing the proper paperwork and assisting campaign strategy. The Political Division will support the Libertarian Party Presidential nominees.

Political Division general responsibilities:

  • Candidates. Recruiting Candidates to run for office and training Candidates to run successful and effective campaigns. They will maintain a database of all Libertarian Candidates.
  • Placing Volunteers. Identifying and placing Libertarians who are interested in working on campaigns.
  • Database of Offices. It is important that we know all offices available, when they are available and how to qualify or run for each office. The party will maintain a database of all elected offices and appointed offices on lpmn.org.
  •  Situational Awareness. Staying on top of media and current events and distributing that to Candidates so we are in the know and can react appropriately.

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