The story below was published by Brian Edwards of the Pionner Press on October 26, 2016.

For the Libertarian Party of Minnesota, election victory does not rest on their presidential candidate actually winning.

If the Libertarian Party’s Gary Johnson receives 5 percent of the vote in Minnesota, his minor party would gain major party status in the state. Johnson, a former New Mexico governor, will visit Minnesota for a rally Thursday evening at Shakopee’s Canterbury Park to encourage that possibility.

The party appears on the cusp: In both Minnesota and national polling the Libertarian Party has pulled an average of at least 5 percent of those polled. While that might decline as Election Day draws closer, backers are hopeful.

Emily Kaess, who spends her weekends door-knocking to urge support for Johnson and his running mate, Bill Weld, believes there are enough people like her to make it happen.

Kaess, 40, of Robbinsdale, had never been involved with a political party before and doesn’t plan on staying involved in the party after the election. But she believes in Johnson.

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