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The Outreach Division is responsible for grassroots-level contact between the Libertarian Party of Minnesota and the public at large. These responsibilities include maintaining useful contacts and coordination with student organizations, recruiting key demographics into the party, building coalitions with like-minded groups and coordinating outreach events.

Outreach Division general responsibilities:

  • Campus Building. Work with partisan (College Libertarians) and non-partisan (Young Americans for Liberty, Students for Liberty, etc.) to set up additional chapters throughout the state.
  • Target New Demographics. Identify and target new demographics who would have a high likelihood to be interested in the Libertarian Party.
  • Coalition building. One of the most important aspects of politics is having good relationships with other organizations. Work with organizations that are niched to specific issues that are aligned with the party platform such as gun rights, pro-legalization, etc.
  • Networking. Frequent networking events and interact with other professionals and groups.
  • Civic Engagement. Increasing voter registration.
  • Grass-root Event Organizing. Organize City Council, County Commission and other rallies.

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