August 19, 2016

Nick Sarwark, National Libertarian Party Chair

Nick Sarwark, National Libertarian Party Chair

Libertarians are in the limelight! As public dissatisfaction with the presidential candidates of the Two Big Old parties continues, the media is moving beyond their usual “horserace” coverage of polling results, and is beginning to treat Gary Johnson’s Libertarian presidential campaign as a serious contender in its own right. For perhaps the very first time, the mainstream media is starting to explore and scrutinize Libertarian stances on issues.

What does it mean to be a Libertarian? In this broadcast, Minnesota Public Radio host Kerri Miller expresses genuine curiousity and asks some tough questions to find out more. Participating are National LP Chair Nick Sarwark and political scientist Samara Klar, as several Minnesotans call into the radio program with their comments.

It proves to be a thought-provoking discussion as Mr Sarwark explains the libertarian philosophy and wrestles with some areas where the Johnson campaign differs from the Libertarian Party platform.

The program runs for 41 minutes. It can be heard online here.


For those who prefer to download to a mobile device, you can copy this link into your browser: “” in order to download and save the program as an MP3 file.

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