-Mankato’s Heather Biedermann Elected Libertarian National Delegate

Mankato’s Heather Biedermann Elected Libertarian National Delegate

MANKATO, MINN. — Heather Biedermann of Mankato was among 19 Minnesotans elected as a national delegate following the Libertarian Party of Minnesota state convention held in Maple Grove on April 14.

This will be the first time Biedermann has served as a Minnesota delegate and her first convention. A recent member of the Libertarian Party, she changed her official party affiliation from registered Democrat.

Biedermann, a wife and librarian for South Central College in North Mankato, said she is passionate about both education and politics.

“I am a big believer in defending the rights of Americans to liberty and freedom. We live in a world where our government is considering building walls, taking away our rights in the name of ‘safety,’ and limiting free speech. This is the time for change.”

Biedermann said she believes in the government practicing the non-aggression principle (NAP) and working to make third-party candidates a viable option in our next presidential and state elections.

“I voted for the Libertarian party in the last election,” she explained, “I was heartbroken by the fact that Libertarian Gary Johnson didn’t get a chance to participate in the national presidential debates. Americans need to hear from all the major candidates, not just the two parties who are doing everything in their power to block the competition.”

To learn more about the National Libertarian Party visit: https://www.lp.org/.

The Libertarian National Convention takes place June 30 to July 3, 2018, at the Hyatt Regency Hotel in New Orleans.


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