-LPMN Executive Director Andy Burns takes a position with the National Libertarian Party

LPMN Executive Director Andy Burns takes a position with the National Libertarian Party

July 27, 2015

Andy Burns - Executive Director

Andy Burns – Executive Director

Libertarian Party of Minnesota Executive Director Andy Burns has accepted a position as the Affiliate Development Specialist for the National Libertarian Party. There will be a transition period during which Andy will work for both the National LP and the LPMN, with the end date of the transition being September 14. Andy has been the Executive Director of the LPMN since February of 2013, and will continue to perform volunteer work in the future as a member of the LPMN.

As Executive Director of the LPMN, Burns dramatically improved the fundraising, communications, membership, and organizational capabilities of the party. Burns managed our 2014 statewide petitioning effort, which collected 13,000 signatures for 5 statewide candidates in just 14 days. This was the first time a minor party has accomplished this since 1998. During his leadership, the LPMN also increased their elected officials to five, increased their organization effectiveness, and established branding standards for the party.

“Andy has been an essential part of this organization for the last two-plus years, and all of the progress we have made is directly related to Andy’s hard work and dedication as our Executive Director” says LPMN State Chair Chris Dock. “We will definitely miss Andy, but we recognize his value to the National LP and we will continue to leverage all of the work he has done as we move forward with the growth of the LPMN.”

“We’ve come a long way since I started,” Burns said. “We now have an active party with more activists, leaders in divisions, we’ve re-branded and have built a solid foundation to continue forward. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed working with everyone in the party. I can’t thank our volunteers and Executive Committee members enough for their dedication and assistance since I joined.”

“There are several things we’ve learned here in Minnesota that I plan to share with the other states. I’m excited to see what the next phase of the LPMN entails,” he added. “I wish the party the best of luck.”

Concerned about the expansion of government control and the erosion of individual liberty? Please consider joining and becoming active with the Libertarian Party of Minnesota. Libertarians support liberty on all issues, all the time! Libertarianism is a philosophical and political movement to promote personal freedom, strong civil liberties, a genuinely free marketplace, and peace.

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