August 16, 2017

Amid city races so far dominated by DFL incumbents and challengers, Libertarian candidates have now joined the field.  The Star Tribune took note of this in their latest article covering the Minneapolis races.

None have been involved in politics outside of the libertarian movement, nor been members of any other party.  All liked the message they’d heard from the Libertarian Party of Minnesota and decided that this was the time for them to step up and get active as local candidates, representing libertarian ideals to their Minneapolis neighbors.

Libertarian candidate Charlie Gers is running for Mayor in Minneapolis.  An economics major at the University of Minnesota and a leader of the College Libertarians and Young Americans for Liberty (YAL), he believes he can present a different vision than that of the other 15 candidates in the Mayoral race, all of whom lean strongly Leftward.  Upon entering the race, he said “After being involved in the liberty movement for two years, it was time for me to step out of the sideline and get into action. Throughout these years, I’ve learned that libertarianism is the most adequate political philosophy for human progress and cooperation.”

Libertarians are also running for seats on the Minneapolis City Council.  In the North Minneapolis area of Ward 4, Dana Hansen is a paralegal who is running against three DFLers.  She announced, “I am running for city council because I believe in the libertarian philosophy, and I want to work to implement libertarian ideals in the city of Minneapolis. I believe in common sense, pragmatic solutions to many of the issues the city faces, especially in Ward 4.”

In the Uptown area of Ward 8, David Holsinger is a manager at a startup software company. He is running against two DFLers and a Green.  Mr Holsinger remarked, “I decided to run because I want to give a voice to entrepreneurs and ensure that the city’s economic growth is a top priority for the city council.”

All three candidates are endorsed by the Libertarian Party of Minnesota.  They were formally nominated by a vote of the Metro Lakes Libertarians, the LPMN’s authorized affiliate representing the Congressional District 5 region which spans Hennepin County.

In a recent Press Release to the media, Minneapolis Libertarians Co-Coordinator S.L. Malleck commented that, “With numerous new bans and mandates coming out of the City Council in recent years, an anti-market ordinance infringing on the right of employers and prospective employees to determine their own wages, and other serious issues such as police accountability, it is important for city residents to hear the Libertarian perspective and new solutions which they have not been hearing so far.”

He spearheaded the Minneapolis Libertarians Project starting in January 2017.  Its goal was to find Libertarian candidates for as many City Council races as possible, although the result fell short of the project’s initial expectations.  Candidate filing listings show that in Ward 2 (Dinkytown), Cam Gordon, an architect of many of the authoritarian measures coming out of City Hall, will be running unopposed, and in Ward 3 (Northeast), where many Libertarians reside, the race will be between two DFLers, a Green, and a Socialist who are battling each other to be the most Leftist.

Commenting on this, Mr Malleck added, “I want to thank every Libertarian candidate who stepped forward to run in this year’s city elections!  You are showing personal courage, real leadership skills, and principled activism by becoming voices which are very much needed in our public debate.  I personally spoke with numerous people who are interested in what we’re trying to accomplish in Minneapolis.  We had folks who seriously considered running as Libertarians in nine additional Wards, but who had to decline due to work, school, or family obligations.  I understand this.  Libertarians tend to be busy, productive people.  It’s tough to find time in our daily lives for political involvement, and that’s why I salute those who decided to make this a priority.  I hope those who wanted to be involved but couldn’t will be able to get active to help the candidates we have.  The Libertarians who did jump in are going to be in for a real treat: support from our organization like few LPMN candidates have known before.”

Other candidates have also filed as Libertarians in various municipal races, but have yet to seek official support from the LPMN.

Concerned about the expansion of government control and the erosion of individual liberty?  Please consider joining and becoming active with the Libertarian Party of Minnesota.  Libertarians support liberty on all issues, all the time!  Libertarianism is a philosophical and political movement to promote personal freedom, strong civil liberties, a genuinely free marketplace, and peace.