-Libertarians, Greens to launch joint anti-CPD protests at TV stations

Libertarians, Greens to launch joint anti-CPD protests at TV stations

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September 23, 2016

As happens every four years, the Democratic- and Republican-controlled Commission on Presidential Debates is preparing to trot out their own two candidates at their first nationally televised debate on Monday, September 26. Perhaps they believe that a public widely dissatisfied with both Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump will simply fall in line once again and choose between them, voting for the lesser of two evils.

Or perhaps the public will decide that they won’t fall for it anymore.

Minnesota’s Libertarian and Green parties are coordinating a joint effort to educate the public about why they see only two candidates in the debates in election after election. Upcoming rallies are slated to occur on Monday in the Twin Cities metro at two local television stations, KARE11 and KSTP:

Lunchtime rally at KARE11 in Golden Valley, September 26, 11:30am to 1pm:

Evening rally at KSTP in St Paul, September 26, 4 to 6:30pm:

The events are intended not only to draw attention from motorists driving by on the busy thoroughfares, but to catch the attention of the stations’ reporters as well. Protests against the CPD have been ignored by Minnesota’s media in previous years, so the two largest alternative parties have decided to bring the news to them.

Why the need for Libertarian and Green supporters to turn out at these rallies? The “About” tab of each Facebook event explains:

“For over 20 years, the CPD has blocked all political competition.

“The Commission on Presidential Debates is not a ‘commission’ at all, but an entity created by the DNC and RNC to benefit themselves. Nor does it hold real ‘debates’, all questions are scripted and pre-approved beforehand by both candidates, as are the moderators and even those allowed into the audience. The CPD’s goals? To make the D and R nominees look polished and ‘presidential’ on national TV. To dominate the news coverage that will follow. And to silence any alternatives by trotting out only their own two establishment candidates every four years.

“But most people don’t know that. They don’t know why they see only two candidates on TV. They don’t know the system is rigged. They assume the D and R candidates must be more serious or qualified than any who did not appear. Let’s educate them!

“Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson is on the ballot in 50 states plus DC. Green Party candidate Jill Stein is on the ballot in 44 states plus DC. That’s tremendous nationwide support. Either candidate could obtain the electoral results needed to win. Both should’ve been allowed to debate and it’s wrong that they’re being censored by the CPD.”

Those interested can learn more about the corrupt nature of the CPD on Wikipedia’s page. In the right inset of that page, the “Parent Organization” information may be an adequate explanation of why the CPD has allowed only the Democratic and Republican presidential nominees to appear in their debates for more than two decades.

The LPMN encourages all members, activists, and supporters of both parties to make any necessary accomodations to attend either or both of these vitally important rallies. A tepid turnout would give the message that few care, allowing the powers-that-be to continue their schenanigans. A strong turnout will deliver an unmistakable message to the contrary.

It’s time to get rid of the corrupt CPD, their rigged debates, and allow voters to hear from all qualified candidates in a free and open political process!

Please join us for the lunchtime rally or the evening rally.  Or both, if you can!  The first 50 people who sign up for either event can take home a FREE Gary Johnson yard sign.

UPDATE 9-26-16:  Some photos.  Thank you to everyone who came to our lunchtime and evening rallies!

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