Chris HolbrookChair
Chris is a senior account manager within the wholesale building materials industry. Prior to being elected as Chair of the Libertarian Party of MN, he ran for Governor in 2014 and has since served as the Political Director for the Party, recruiting individuals to run for local offices throughout the state and providing guidance through the process.
Cindy HucksSecretary
Cindy Hucks is an AutoCad Drafter living in Elk River, who was elected to Secretary in April 2017. Cindy also has been and still is a leader in the LPMN Outreach Division, focusing on festival preparation and execution.
Mason McElvainVice Chair
Michael TomanTreasurer
Matt KowalskiExecutive Director

Executive Committee At Large

Mark Deardorff
Justin Jelenik
Mary O'Connor
Winona Rachel
Jill Galvan
Kay Kammerud
Bob Odden
Chip Tangen


The Libertarian Party of Minnesota operates through a Divisions model structure. Visit each Division page for more information and to view the leadership roles.

Judicial Committee

  • Bob Odden, Chair (even year)
  • Jim Rongstad (even year)
  • Dave Holsinger (even year)
  • Hanns Wiechman (odd year)
  • Anita Hansen (odd year)

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