Chris Dock

Chair | Email

Chris is a small business owner specializing in human resources, technology, wellness, and investment consulting. He was the lieutenant governor candidate for the Libertarian Party of Minnesota in 2014. Prior to being elected as the state chair, Chris served on the LPMN Executive Committee as an at-large member and was co-chair of the LPMN affiliate in Congressional District 3.




SL MalleckS.L. Malleck

Vice Chair | Email

S.L. Malleck became active with the LPMN in 2007 and has been vice chair for eight years. In addition to writing about liberty-oriented issues, he has spoken at public events in support of personal freedom and peace. His main passions are Austrian economics, offering libertarian solutions to the problems we face, and delving into areas now controlled by government and proposing transition plans to a free society. He has been one of the LPMN’s main spokespeople to the public and media about libertarian issues, stances, and solutions.


Mary O'ConnorMary O’Connor

Treasurer | Email

Mary O’Connor has been a Libertarian for twelve years. She has been LPMN Treasurer for nine years. She was elected to Brooklyn Center City Council and served from 2005 to 2008, and has run for several other offices over the last 11 years. She worked 39 years for the University of Minnesota and is now retired. O’Connor wrote a paper on solving the healthcare problem in the United States and sent it to many elected officials. She has an interest in reducing government and rightsizing public education.

Regional Leaders

Regional Affiliates maintain a voting seat on the Executive Committee. Click your area to find your representative.


Matt Kowlaski

Executive Director | Email

At Large

Randy Anderson – Email
Stephen Baker –  Email
Collin Daugherty – Email
Chris Holbrook – Email
Cindi Hucks –  Email
Bob Odden – Email
Ryan Waterbury  – Email
Shane Wernsing – Email


The Libertarian Party of Minnesota operates through a Divisions model structure. Visit each Division page for more information and to view the leadership roles.


Judicial Committee

Bob Odden, Chair (even year)
Jim Rongstad (even year)
Sheldon Christenson (even year)
Shane Wernsing (odd year)
Tanner Schake (odd year)

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