The Executive Committee is the governing body for LPMN actions outside of convention

Randy Anderson

Stephen Baker

Collin Daugherty

Chris Holbrook

Cindi Hucks

Bob Odden

Ryan Waterbury

Shane Wernsing

Regional Affiliates

Regional Affiliates listed here maintain a voting seat on the Executive Committee


The Libertarian Party of Minnesota operates through a Divisions model structure. Visit each Division page for more information and to view the leadership roles.

Platform and Bylaws Committee

S.L. Malleck, Chair (Email)
Heather Johnson (Email)
Tylor Slinger (Email)

Judicial Committee

Bob Odden, Chair (even year)
Jim Rongstad (even year)
Sheldon Christenson (even year)
Shane Wernsing (odd year)
Tanner Schake (odd year)

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