August 9, 2016

chris_dock2Libertarians are becoming a regular feature on KTLK AM1130’s morning Up & At ‘Em program.

In the latest edition, LPMN Chair Chris Dock discusses the rising media exposure of Libertarian presidential candidate Gary Johnson, after his second nationally-televised Townhall appearance on CNN. He also delves into the grassroots build-up by Minnesota’s Libertarian activists prior to this presidential cycle.

Mr Dock chats with supportive host Andrew Lee, and counters defeatest host E.J. Haust who defends the establishment two-party system.

The segment starts at the beginning of the third hour and runs for 24 minutes. It can be heard online here.


For those who prefer to download to a mobile device, the KTLK segment can be downloaded here.

The segment references the recent CNN Townhall, and for those who may have missed it, the Townhall can be seen online here.

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