Help Wanted

Are you interested in becoming an integral part of our organization? Please see the volunteer positions below that we need filled and let us know if you want to pitch in!

Outreach Director. The role of the Outreach Director is to provide education and awareness of our party and its platform to the public and to organizations with common goals.

Field Development Director. This person assists local groups in organizing new affiliates and promoting the health and longevity of established affiliates.

Volunteer Coordinator. The work of the Volunteer Coordinator is to match the work the LPMN needs to have done with the skills and talents of the people who have volunteered to help the Party, making the best use of the volunteers’ energy, enthusiasm, and talent.

Assistant Communications Director. Responsible for the assistance of the Communications Director in all aspects of the position. This responsibility includes maintaining the content of our web site at, establishing and maintaining our social media presence, managing relationships with all media and press and communicating with the party members.

Assistant Political Director. Responsible for assisting the Political Director in all aspects of the position. The Political division is responsible for recruiting and training Libertarian candidates for public office.

See our divisional roles if you want a more detailed job description for any of these positions and existing roles.

Apply to be part of out team!

Please signup by filling out our volunteer form and putting the position you are interested in the comments box. Thank you!