Matthew Swenson announces campaign in House 57A

Matthew Swenson officially declared his candidacy for the 57A seat in the Minnesota House of Representatives.

Swenson is a resident of Apple Valley and has a professional background in education. He said in a press release that he decided to run for office as a Libertarian to offer voters a better choice.

“Most Minnesotans are tired of having to choose between two options, neither of which reflect our values,” Swenson said. “We are tired of party affiliation being more important than the person running.”

Swenson said he supports both economic and civil liberties.

“I support everyone’s freedoms, regardless of how we choose to live,” he said. “The word ‘tolerance’ is a dirty word for some and a cheap talking point for others. True tolerance, which we rarely see in politics, allows everyone to exercise their freedoms as long as we don’t harm one another.”

Swenson notes he has already demonstrated strong support for his candidacy by turning in over 500 signatures to the Secretary of State’s Office from area residents so he could be listed on the ballot in the November general election. The Libertarian Party of Minnesota is a minor party and candidates for the House must collect 500 signatures within a two-week window to be placed on the ballot.

“During the petition drive to get on the ballot, I spoke to hundreds of people in my district, and it had a profound impact on me,” Swenson said. “The real issues people are dealing with are not the ones being argued over at the Capitol. Residents said they want to make their own choices financially by lowering taxes as well as in personal matters such as their health.”

He said Minnesota could reduce spending by as much as $89 million annually by no longer prosecuting victimless crimes such as addiction.

He also said he believes his view on 2nd Amendment rights falls outside his opponents.

“I’m the strongest 2nd Amendment candidate for the district and absolutely support this right,” he said in a press release. “However, it’s important we utilize proven ways which reduce gun deaths. This is a complex set of issues and working to reduce the number of suicides requires a different solution than is needed for domestic violence, accidents, or gang-related homicides. Each category requires a different approach while the Republicans and Democrats only offer a one size fits none.”

Swenson was endorsed by the Libertarian Party of Minnesota at its annual convention this spring.

LPMN Chair Chris Holbrook says the party was pleased to endorse such a great candidate.

“Matt Swenson is a man principled in liberty,” Holbrook said. “He is a strong defender of the 2nd Amendment, which enshrines your right to keep and bear arms. He also advocates ending the drug war. These two core libertarian beliefs lead to less crime and a safer society, which is what Matt cares about.”

Swenson will run against GOP-endorsed Matt Lundin and DFL-endorsed Robert Bierman or the winner of the Aug. 14 DFL primary.

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