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The filing window for political candidates in Minnesota is May 19 to June 2 (with the exception of President). During this window anyone who wants to be on the ballot for the November 3 general election (if you are NOT a major party candidate) must file a nominating petition. Collection of signatures on those petitions is further restricted to only be allowed during this filing window (which restricts how many candidates a minor party can run). Number of signatures varies by office sought.

If you are a major party candidate this also is the window to register for the ballot for the major party primary, which is set for August 11. The result of the state funded major party primary determines for the major parties which names they will put on the November 3 general election ballot.

As we fight to change these unequal deadlines for general election declarations, we must play by the statutory rules and collect our signatures for our candidates during this 14 day period, only. WE NEED AS MUCH HELP AS WE CAN GET. Please contact info@lpmn.org if you can give a few hours to collect signatures for one of our candidates, or if you want to become one of our candidates.