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In the second half of 2019 the Libertarian Party of Minnesota filed legal action against the MN Secretary of State over ballot access restrictions.

There is an oath on the minor party candidate nominating petition that signors pledge they will NOT vote in any major party primary for that office under threat of felony perjury. This takes on new meaning and danger in 2020 as Minnesota starts tracking primary voters and creating lists of them for major parties that will become public on a limited basis, supposedly. The only reason to imagine this perjury clause exists is to limit choices and suppress voices. This violates the First Amendment.

Furthermore we are subject to unequal treatment regarding filing deadlines as an operational political party in Minnesota. We minor parties must announce our general election state candidates (except for President) by June 2. The major parties declare theirs by way of the state primary on August 11. They do not allow us to participate in the state primary, therefore we should be allowed up to that date to declare candidates, otherwise it gives major parties a clear unfair privilege and advantage, set in statute. This is called unequal protection and violates the Fourteenth Amendment.

LPMN attorney Erick Kaardal (Minneapolis) has been notified that our suit will be heard and open to the public on May 19 at 10:00 am at the Federal Courthouse in Minneapolis, in courtroom 14W with the Honorable David S. Doty presiding. Please join us if you can.

More detailed information can be found under the Rise menu in our lpmn.org website regarding our ballot access bills and lawsuits.