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Libertarians are invited to join us this Saturday to grab a bite and tip a pint. This will be a completely informal event to celebrate 2020 (?) and look forward to 2021 (??).

One of our regular haunts in Saint Paul, the Half Time Rec, is allowing us to gather in their joint (*see notes). We are going to ‘reserve’ 5-6 tables (not exclusive and not private) in the large side bar room where we had Jo Jorgensen in June. Attendees can order and pay for their own lunches and drinks individually.

*the owner needs us patrons to abide by the Governor’s covid rules so he doesn’t get fined or shut down. Don’t push tables together, leave them as they are for social distance, six chairs max. to tables spaced six feet apart. They also require people to wear a mask to walk in the door to get to the table, then you can take it off. It’s their property so please respect the owner’s wishes. If you can’t do that, don’t come. This isn’t about making a mask statement or protest, this is about getting together and having fun.