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Come attend our annual Libertarian Party of Minnesota state convention this March 28! It kicks off at 9 a.m. with the members-only business session to elect our local leadership, executive committee, judicial committee, approve any bylaws or platform changes, and to select our delegates who will represent us at the Libertarian Party National Presidential Nominating Convention happening May 23, 2020 in Austin, TX.
The rest of our day will be chock-full of speakers, workshops, panels and forums. Presenters will include Rob Doar for the Minnesota Gun Owners Caucus, educator Penny Johnson on the famed libertarian author Rose Wilder Lane, and Erick Kaardal (LPMN attorney) about reading the Constitution and challenging the government. A marijuana legalization panel will return as will the agorist writers workshop. We will have locally elected Libertarians, campaign trainers, and upcoming candidates on hand. Not to mention another taco bar dinner!
Evening forum participants include Presidential nominees Jo Jorgensen, Keenan Wallace Dunham, Ken Armstrong, Mark Whitney, Sam Robb, Sorinne Ardeleanu, Souraya Faas, Steven Richey, and Vermin Supreme! Also Vice Presidential nominee Jeff Wood. And National party members running for LNC Chair committed to attend include Joe Bishop-Henchman, Joshua Smith, and Mike Shipley. We will have our hospitality suite all day and all night, as well as the return of Ralph’s legendary karaoke!