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The Minnesota State Senate Committee on State Government Finance and Policy and Elections will hold a hearing Thursday Feb. 20 at 1:00 pm to evaluate the ballot access inclusion bill S.F.752 as authored by Sen. Scott Jensen (47, R) in Senate Building Room 1200.

This proposal (companion bill H.F.708) was introduced one year ago with co-author in the House Rep. Steve Elkins (49B, DFL) to modify designation levels of political party thresholds and improve ballot nomination petitioning windows to make them more fair and more comparable to standards neighboring states use.

The nine-point original bill included a controversial section interpreted to allow major parties veto of primary election winners. This oversight has been corrected with amendment HF0708A2 which allows minor parties to protect their ballot line.

15-minute press conference the morning of the hearing is planned for Thursday Feb. 20 at 10:30 am directly outside the Senate Chamber in the MN State Capitol (roughly atop the stairs west from the rotunda). Scheduled speakers include Sen. Jensen, Rep. Elkins, Green Party MN chair Trahern Crews, Independence Party MN chair Phil Fuehrer, Libertarian Party MN chair Chris Holbrook and others.

A synopsis, the bill, and the amendment are available to read at https://www.lpmn.org/ballot-inclusiveness/

SUPPORTERS ARE ENCOURAGED TO ATTEND BOTH! If you are available to make it, please join us. We need you.
If you are not able to attend, we still need you. We need you to contact the 10 committee members and urge them to vote in favor of sending the bill to the floor of the Senate. We especially need people who reside in those districts to do so! In the next 48 hours!!
Email AND call!:
Sen. Kiffmeyer (30,R)
Sen. Koran (32,R)
Sen. Carlson (51,DFL)
Sen. Howe (13,R)
Sen. Jasinski (24,R)
Sen. Kent (53,DFL)
Sen. Laine (41,DFL)
Sen. Newman (18,R)
Sen. Rest (45,DFL)
Sen. Westrom (12,R)
An example you can use: “Dear Senator, I know you are hearing bill SF752 in committee this Thursday. I implore you to look at it with a non-partisan lens to respect the choices and voices of Minnesota’s minor political party people. Let’s create a level playing field when it comes to fair ballot access laws, similar to surrounding states. We can increase integrity by increasing access to political participation. Please support democracy by voting in favor of SF752.”