A few people asked my opinion regarding Ron Paul’s ‘hoax’ article now that Rand Paul has been diagnosed with COVD-19. The media and social networking are missing an essential point that Mr. Paul was attempting to convey.

Ron Paul’s reference to ‘the hoax’ is to question government takeover in regards to civil liberties and whether or not the fear being generated via COVID-19 is really a hoax, an excuse for the government to seize power,….not if the disease is a hoax. He actually says the condition is real in the article.

He’s using artistic license to criticize the government for creating panic and disorder through actions that disrupt liberties. This isn’t the first time. Ron Paul has led a vibrant political career, and his irreverence for government intervention is well-known.

Anything in the article taken outside of the ideological consideration for civil liberties can only be misinterpreted. I get this often in discussions regarding consent. If consent matters more than anything, as it is to many libertarians, then being locked in your home and having your livelihood impacted by government intervention will always be a terrible evil, even if people benefit. You grant your consent, you don’t give up your ability to consent. This is also true in the face of a global pandemic.

I do think the word hoax is too inflammatory. Most people read the article title, and now everyone thinks Ron Paul doesn’t believe that the disease is real. It’s a simple distraction from the intent of his article. But at least people may argue about it. Libertarians have a reputation for loving arguments, but frankly, this was avoidable. The word he was thinking of was ‘consent.’

The COVID-19 situation can be troubling, but a society without consent can never be truly free. I think this was the ultimate point in Ron Paul’s article.

Ron Paul’s article: http://ronpaulinstitute.org/archives/featured-articles/2020/march/16/the-coronavirus-hoax

Newsweek summary: https://www.newsweek.com/rand-pauls-father-wrote-coronavirus-hoax-article-days-before-son-tested-positive-covid-19-1493662

 Article by Joe Proveaux