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The Communications Division is responsible for communicating the policies, positions, and opinions of the Libertarian Party of Minnesota to the public at large. This responsibility includes maintaining the content of our web site at www.lpmn.org, establishing and maintaining our social media presence, managing relationships with all media and press and communicating with the party members.

Communications Division general responsibilities:

  • Public Relations. The Communications Division is responsible for all aspects of the Libertarian Party of Minnesota’s public relations including, but not limited to; messaging, media relations and membership communications.
  • Website Content, Blog & Newsletter. Draft engaging language for all pages on the official website www.lpmn.org. The Communications Division manages the Blog and Newsletter.
  • Social Media Presence & Management. The Communications Division is responsible for maintaining and building a strong social media presence. This also includes targeting new demographics with the intent to build our social media reach/following and increasing our audience.
  • Media & Press. Maintain a database of all media outlets in Minnesota as well as key national media outlets.

Communications Director

Ryan D. Waterbury – Email

Blog & Newsletter Editor

S.L. Malleck – Email

Graphic design

Collin Daugherty – Email

Social Media Team

Cara Schulz – Email
S.L. Malleck – Email
Trevor Jordan – Email

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