State Candidates

Charles Kuchlenz – Nominee for MN Governor

Charles is a lifelong learner and a compassionate listener. His career spans many industries from Healthcare and Finance to Information Technology. Over the past decade, Charles has steadily built cohesive relationships in business and his personal life. He currently resides in Eagan, MN.

Charles is a calculating person. He tends to think critically about topics and will seek to utilize data and logic to determine optimal outcomes for any decisions he faces. As an active member of the Libertarian Party of MN, Charles has been recognized as a rising star within our movement. He currently holds the title of Chairman for the Libertarian Party of MN and has a vision to grow the party’s influence on MN politics.

“Government overreach is the biggest problem we are facing. Free market manipulation through corporate subsidy and extensive spending have eroded our wealth and the current market is reflective of that. We have afforded our leaders too much power, with very little oversight. We are complicit in our state overtaxing its residents to the tune of a $9.2 billion surplus, only for the powerful legislature to agree on more spending. Our leaders are of the mind that they know how to spend your money, better than you do.” – Charles Kuchlenz

Rebecca Whiting – Nominee for MN Lt. Governor

I am a homeschooling and homesteading mom of a large family in Bemidji, Minnesota. I am an Iraq War veteran and served 7 years in the Army as a medic. I am also a small business owner and have been actively involved in farmers markets around Bemidji for the last 10 years. I have a bachelor’s degree in English.

George “Chip” Tangen – Nominee for MN Secretary of State

Chip Tangen has been a member of the Libertarian Party since 2016. He is running for Secretary of State to give Minnesotans – of all political persuasions – full confidence that election outcomes truly represent the will of the voters. Democratic and Republican candidates for this election oversight office simply cannot instill the same confidence, certainly not with voters from the opposing party in today’s hyper partisan environment.

Additionally, Chip is highly committed to giving Minnesotans more choices than just “Coke” and “Pepsi” when casting votes for Congress, U.S. Senate, governor and state house and senate seats. While Minnesota proudly leads the nation in voter participation, our state stands out as the literal worst in our region for the obstacles imposed on third party candidates who simply want to get on the ballot.

Chip works for a manufacturing consulting firm and is a graduate of Eden Prairie High School, Middlebury College, and the University of Minnesota Law School. He has been married to Susan Tangen for 31 years. The couple resides in Inver Grove Heights and have two adult children.

Amos Webskowski – Nominee for MN State Auditor

Amos Webskowski, 29, is a near-lifelong resident of Minnesota with some of his formative years spent in the nation of Taiwan. Amos was born in Buffalo, Minnesota, the child of a Polish-American father and a Taiwanese-American mother, though he lived primarily in St. Michael. From age five to thirteen, Amos spent his early years in Taiwan and moved back to Minnesota in 2005 to finish school at St. Michael-Albertville Senior High School in 2011. With his background in both diverse cultural upbringing and multiple industry experiences, Amos traveled the world as a minister in the early part of the 2010s. In the later part, leading up to the 2020 election, he became more engaged in his political activism and service to candidates, as well as fellow activists, in the field and across the web as a social media manager and consultant.

Currently a resident in Montgomery within Le Sueur County, he works in sales and social media management while working with the Libertarian Party of Minnesota.

Anthony Williams – Nominee for MN Attorney General

Anthony “A.J.” Williams is a staunch believer in personal freedom. He is firmly rooted in his stance that there is no crime if there is no victim. The government should never be able to harm you in any way, financially or otherwise, for a victimless crime. “As Attorney General, I will instruct all my offices to cease prosecuting cases with no victim IMMEDIATELY. I will work towards exonerating or expunging any wrongful convictions made upon our citizens.”

As the Executive Director of the Libertarian Party of Minnesota (LPMN), A.J. manages committees and volunteers across the state. He helps with membership issues, is the LPMN’s fundraiser, and keeps the party moving forward by overseeing its division leaders. He has been a member of the party since 2020, becoming a Legacy Member during the Spike Cohen rally in Burnsville. Although he didn’t officially become a member until 2020, he started voting Libertarian in 2009.

Before A.J. moved to Minnesota in 2014, he lived in a couple other states, but his main home was Michigan. That’s where he was raised. He joined the Air Force in 2003 as an F-16 Assistant Dedicated Crew Chief. He returned to Michigan for a few years. He got involved in the medical cannabis program and the recreational cannabis movement during that time. He started a non-profit aimed at helping medical patients to cultivate their own medicine and create an environment where networking with other participants was possible.

Currently, A.J. is completing his associate’s degree in Paralegal Studies. After, he will continue onto his bachelor’s degree in Political Science and hopes to go to the University of Minnesota for his law degree.

Local Candidates

Jake Dahle – Nominee for State Representative, District 9A

Jacob “Jake” Dahle is a Libertarian candidate for MN House District 9A. He lives in Ashby, MN, and is originally from Wendell, MN. He has a wife and four children. Jake is currently employed as a Paramedic for Stevens County Ambulance Service in Morris, MN, and is a volunteer firefighter/paramedic for Ashby Fire Department and Ambulance. He also served six years in the active-duty army in the 3rd Infantry Division as a 19K Tank Crewman with two trips to Iraq. He was Honorably Discharged as a Sergeant. His hobbies include metalworking in his forge, gunsmithing, shooting sports, and fishing and hunting when the opportunities arise.

He is running because he believes that the major parties and elected officials are failing our country. Very few of those parties uphold constitutional values. However, they give it much lip service. The Libertarian Party is the only party that consistently supports the importance of Liberty, thus the reason why he joined its ranks. His primary issues are preventing the overreach of government into our lives, like what we have seen during COVID, property rights, taxation, and the right to defend oneself and family.

Trenton “T.J.” Hawthorne – Nominee for State Representative, District 44B

“I don’t consider myself a Republican or Democrat, but we can’t let _____ win!”

If I had a nickel for every time I’ve heard this sentence, I wouldn’t have to try to get one of these government jobs!

My name is TJ Hawthorne, and I want to represent District 44B in the Great State of Minnesota. I am a third-generation NSP Polar and have been residing in Oakdale for the last 16 years until recently moving back to North St. Paul.

I am running for the Libertarian Party and have been a Libertarian for as long as I can remember. I have never believed anyone should have the right to tell anyone else how to live their life. As long as you’re not committing an act of violence or theft, I think you should be able to live FREE in America! I know that life and society are definitely a lot more complicated than that. I believe ‘we’ have been guilty of electing the lesser of two evils for too long. The two parties have gained complete control of the political spectrum, and WE ARE FED UP!

I was living a wonderful and fulfilled life with my two young boys and my lovely fiancé until it became apparent that the ‘democratic process’ is a complete SHAM! Politicians seem to live above any laws that the regular population has to follow, or else… Or else WHAT?!? The government creates arbitrary lines with laws that make things “Legal for a Price.” This keeps us separated and fighting with each other.

Our representatives should be ordinary citizens with ordinary problems.

Jeremy Peichel – Nominee for Senate, District 66

Hi, I’m Jeremy Peichel. I have been in love with Minnesota since my family moved here when I was 10. I graduated from Burnsville High School and served Minnesota and my country with 9 years in the National Guard and overseas with the 1/34 Brigade Combat Team. There I found my calling in environment and conservation while serving on the banks of the Tigris River near Balad, Iraq. After returning home, I became the first in my family to graduate from college at Buena Vista University in Iowa and received two Master’s Degrees from the University of Maryland in Public Policy and Conservation Biology. Now after a few years in the USDA Forest Service, I run my own policy and scientific consulting firm based here in Roseville, MN. Now, as your neighbor in District 66, I ask for the honor of serving you in the Minnesota Senate.

Dale Korthauer – Nominee for US House of Representatives, Congressional District 1

Travis “Bull” Johnson – Endorsed Independent candidate for US House of Representatives, Congressional District 7

Local Candidates

Nate “Honey Badger” Atkins – candidate for Mayor of Minneapolis

I’m running for mayor of Minneapolis because I’m sick and tired – because I’ve had enough.

This city is different. It’s not like other cities and that’s good. This city IS good – even if it’s lost its way.

As a Libertarian I’m not here to tear down all that is in this city in the name of creating some sort of Libertarian utopia. I believe Libertarian ideals related to police reform are good, realistic ones that help restore faith and trust between the people and law enforcement.

I’m not like other Libertarians. At the end of the day, in the words of the great Walter Williams, “I’m just me.”


Federal Candidates

Jo Jorgensen for President

Read more about Dr. Jo Jorgensen at

Spike Cohen for Vice President

Read more about Jeremy “Spike” Cohen at

State Candidates

Jill Galvan – Nominee for MN State House 18a (

A little about me – I’ve lived in Cosmos for the past 8 years, I’m a wife, a mom and stepmom to 6 girls and grandmother of two, soon to be three. My background is in retail and project management and I currently work in food production, which gives me more time to spend with family and working for the party. I live a normal life with the same kinds of issues that everyone deals with. I’m not looking to get into politics to make a name for myself. I’m not important in this process. I’m just a stand in for the will of the people in the legislature. I’m doing this to try make things better for everyone in the best way I know how…
which is by giving everyone the choice to live their lives as they see fit as long as they’re not hurting anyone else.

(unable to gain ballot access in 2020 due to unmet petition barrier of 500 signatures in this district over 14 days in May during the covid lockdown)

Travis Mitchell – Nominee for MN State House 34b (

(unable to gain ballot access in 2020 due to unmet petition barrier of 500 signatures in this district over 14 days in May during the covid lockdown)

Brian McCormick – Nominee for MN State House 37a

I am running for MN House of Representatives district 37A. What I lack in political experience I make up for with life experience. I have conquered vices, which were my choices, with education, assistance, and tolerance.

Prohibition is a failure and criminalizes free choice. Drugs may or may not ruin your life, but I guarantee the government will intentionally ruin your life if they catch you with them. They will handicap you from getting a job and forbid you from getting a gun. I want you employed. I want you to be able to hunt.

If you don’t hurt someone else, you should not be a felon. Non violent offenders fill our jails. I support a law system that protects you and your property from others, punishing only those who do outward harm, and not punishing morality.

I will also work to limit taxation and redistribution. You know how to be compassionate with your own money.

(unable to gain ballot access in 2020 due to unmet petition barrier of 500 signatures in this district over 14 days in May during the covid lockdown)

Matthew Swenson – Nominee for MN State House 57a (

When I discovered that my State Representative was originally listed as a co-author of gun ban bill HF 3022, I decided to run for office. Although gun rights are a vitally important foundation on which many other freedoms rest, this is not the only reason I’m running. It’s becoming ever apparent our freedoms are being challenged on a daily basis, and true tolerance is hard to find on the political landscape. Under the law, we must give everyone the freedom to act, speak, worship as they chose, regardless of our own moral convictions, as long as it doesn’t hinder another person’s freedom to do the same.

(unable to gain ballot access in 2020 due to unmet petition barrier of 500 signatures in this district over 14 days in May during the covid lockdown)

Local Candidates

Chris Klavetter – candidate for Mayor of Burnsville (

Cara Schulz – incumbent for Burnsville City Council

The best solutions for the challenges Burnsville faces can only come from Burnsville residents. Yet residents are often less involved and less aware of what happens in local government. Why? Information isn’t presented in ‘user-friendly’ ways and voters aren’t actively encouraged to participate.

My decision making approach is to be as careful with residents’ money as possible and look for ways to remove government interference and restrictions. If what you’re doing isn’t harming anyone else, we shouldn’t use taxpayer’s money to monitor, measure, or restrict your activity.

It’s very humbling to have people email you or reach out through Facebook and ask you to run. I’ve already had people asking to volunteer or wanting to know when I can give them a yard sign. I don’t take this for granted and I’m extremely touched.

Jason VanSickle – candidate for Mayor of Oronoco

I believe politics provides a path for education about social issues. A lot of social issues don’t get taken seriously because they aren’t supported by the two major political parties.

Local Libertarian Candidates

Chris Holbrook for St. Paul City Council Ward 4