We’d like to introduce our sixth candidate of the day, Shane Wernsing running for State Senate District 19 as a Libertarian. He won our official nomination at the LPMN State Convention on April 16.

“I have been a practicing doctor for over 10 years. The inefficient nonsense that plagues the physician-patient relationship from corporate-political intervention is shocking and unsettling. I was so unnerved by it that I have spent the past decade working directly with my clients and patients outside of that outside influence, doing my work as a contractor through my LLC. I work directly for my patients with a direct-pay, insurance-free clinic. I support free choices like the Death with Dignity act and educational vouchers. I oppose ACA mandates and marijuana prohibition.” – Shane Wernsing

Like all Libertarians, petition signatures are required for ballot access. Over 500 signatures must be collected in district 19 between May 17 and May 31. If you can volunteer for this effort, please help us.

Shane and the other nominated LPMN candidates can be found here.

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