We’d like to introduce our fifth candidate of the day, Joe Weverka running for State House District 67B as a Libertarian. He won our official nomination at the LPMN State Convention on April 16.

“I am very strong on ending the prohibition of marijuana and re-legalizing hemp. I outline the importance the plant has for us economically, environmentally, and socially. These changes will also reduce crime and taxes. On my Facebook page I recently posted the top 10 reasons we need to legalize marijuana. I will vehemently challenge the incumbent on his voting record against this, and Sunday liquor sales, and privacy, and second amendment rights. I also believe we can eliminate property taxes for all. Let’s start by waving it for seniors.” – Joe Weverka

Like all Libertarians, petition signatures are required for ballot access. Over 500 signatures must be collected in district 67b between May 17 and May 31. If you can volunteer for this effort, please help us.  Joe has also organized several specific ballot petitioning efforts starting May 17 here.

Joe and all of the LPMN nominated candidates can be found on our Candidates page.

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