We’d like to introduce our fourth candidate of the day, Brian McCormick running for MN House District 37A as a Libertarian. He won our official nomination at the LPMN State Convention on April 16.

“I believe in defending individual rights, which include more control over your earned income and property, and more control over your natural rights regarding mind and body choices. Civil asset forfeiture is piracy, plain and simple! The government should not be seizing the assets of your hard work to show compassion to those whom they arbitrarily define as needy. You can decide who gets how much of your charity. I also believe education, assistance, and tolerance help people make the best choices, therefore I will never require, mandate, or punish any choices, unless they harm or prevent another from the same.”  – Brian McCormick

Like all Libertarians, petition signatures are required for ballot access. Over 500 signatures must be collected in district 14 between May 17 and May 31. If you can volunteer for this effort, please help us.Brian and all of the LPMN nominated candidates can be found here.

Concerned about the expansion of government control and the erosion of individual liberty? Please consider joining and becoming active with the Libertarian Party of Minnesota. Libertarians support liberty on all issues, all the time! Libertarianism is a philosophical and political movement to promote personal freedom, strong civil liberties, a genuinely free marketplace, and peace.

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