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Jeff Sessions announced last Thursday morning he’d removed the barrier that had held back federal prosecutors from pursuing marijuana cases in states that had made pot legal.

This is a blatant violation of the 10th Amendment, and despite Donald Trump’s promises to ease up on the drug war and leave it to the states, his justice department has decided it has nothing better to do than pursue innocent citizens who partake in, and profit off of, the legal use of cannabis.

We think that’s bullshit and our attorney general needs to chill out.


That’s why we’re going to send him and his staff a bunch of bongs.

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Protect States’ Rights

In short, Jeff Sessions managed to come up with something no one was clamoring for, that flies directly in the face of the federalism Republicans love to love, and which is so out of step with a growing majority of Americans as to be laughable. Attorney General Sessions will not succeed in his increasingly lonely crusade against pot. He just won’t. Even Republican office-holders in “legal” states are today compelled to defend voters and legislatures who have spoken on cannabis legalization. There’s nothing better than taking a hit after making a terrible decision.

Puff Puff Pass, Jeff

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