All eyes on Minnesota… again… and not in a good way

The Twin Cities have been rocked with yet another unnecessary police brutality death. A knock-and-announce warrant was issued to the St. Paul P.D. as part of a homicide investigation. The Minneapolis P.D. asked them to change it to a no-knock warrant for their participation. That was signed-off on by Judge Peter Cahill to “increase officer

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Join the Platform and Bylaw Committee

Hello Libertarians! Are you interested in the party's Platform and Bylaws?  Do you wish there was a committee you could join to get a jump start on working on these things before the 2022 LPMN convention?  Well, you should volunteer for the Platform and Bylaws committee!  The LPMN Executive Committee will be holding an election

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LPMN condemns vaccine mandates

LIBERTARIAN PARTY OF MINNESOTA CONDEMNS VACCINE MANDATES (issued 9/13/21 by state chair Chris Holbrook) The Presidential vaccine mandate is tyrannical, unethical, exclusionary, and racist. We do not consent. We will not comply. The first sentence of the LPMN Platform- Statement of Principles- states; “We the members of the Libertarian Party of Minnesota hold that all

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Joe Biden’s Vaccine Mandate: Minnesota Must Resist Dictatorial Powers

  Minnesota Must Resist Dictatorial Powers With his unilateral action mandating employers require COVID-19 vaccinations, Joe Biden has declared himself king of the United States of America. This unprecedented power-grab makes the president no better than the petty dictators America has historically stood against, for better or for worse, since our founding. We no longer

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Nate “Honey Badger” Atkins launches campaign for Minneapolis Mayor

LIBERTARIANS LAUNCH “HONEY BADGER” FOR MINNEAPOLIS MAYOR   Minneapolis, Minnesota (July 7, 2021) – The Libertarian Party of Minnesota proudly offers the following gift to the City of Minneapolis: candidate Nate “Honey Badger” Atkins for Mayor. “This really isn’t a gift to the City, it’s a gift to the People,” said State Chair Chris Holbrook,

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Libertarians Endorse Minnesota Coalition

LIBERTARIAN ENDORSEMENT OF MINNESOTA COALTION AND ITS DEMANDS   Minneapolis, Minnesota (March 18, 2021) – The Libertarian Party of Minnesota gives an unsolicited yet official endorsement of the Minnesota Coalition for its nine proposed 2021 Legislative Demands announced last month. The MN Coalition identifies as “a group of community organizers that have come together to

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Are social media companies such as Facebook and Twitter merely private companies? By Kahler Nygard

It's hard to ignore the debate raging across the country and on social media.  Online chatter has only gained steam as the President of the United States has been deplatformed and Ron Paul was purportedly banned by Facebook also, later deemed a “mistake”.  Many Libertarians believe Facebook, Twitter, and Amazon are privately-owned companies that can

A Libertarian Walks into the University of Minnesota… By Susan Esbe, Political Science Student at the University of Minnesota Twin Cities

Ben Shapiro was supposed to speak at the University of Minnesota campus in 2018. He was moved to a smaller venue off campus out of fear that his appearance would cause chaos on campus.  In other words, he was all but cancelled. I knew this when I chose Minnesota as my university of study. As

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LPMN EC Approves Resolution to stand with the individuals targeted for opening their businesses and homes.

WHEREAS Individuals have the ability to determine for themselves acceptable risk in choosing how to use their own properties or property to which they are welcome to visit WHEREAS The First Amendment protects free assembly among all consenting parties WHEREAS Governor Tim Walz' executive orders are unilateral, arbitrary, and a clear violation of The Constitution