Libertarian Party Results for Caucus Night 2020

Though the major parties insist that the 2020 Presidential election will be the most important election of our lifetime, many Minnesotans refuse to accept this repeated lie and showed up to vote at the Libertarian Party caucus on Tuesday, February 25th, 2020. The LPMN does not have a virtual, absentee, or early voting process, therefore every vote was cast

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What is Libertarian Socialism? By Winona Rachel

Any mention of the word socialism in the same sentence as libertarian often provokes a variety of skeptical responses: “But that’s an oxymoron!” “That’s just not possible.” “That exists?” However, anti-authoritarian politics and socialism have been closely tied since nascency, and libertarianism combined with visions of worker ownership of production and non-hierarchical property relations is

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Libertarians And The Cashless Future By Jennifer Oswald

Around 30% of payments are made using cash, making it still the most popular form of money transfer. However, research suggests that Generation Z are significantly less likely to carry dollar bills than Millennials and soon we could be entering a cashless society. In the future all transactions could be electronic, meaning that they can

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  The Department of Housing and Urban Development recently revealed that OneWest would pay $7 million to the California Reinvestment Coalition [2], after it was found that the bank was biased against certain applicants who wanted to apply for mortgages. Latinos and African Americans found it harder to apply for loans, and the entire process

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LPMN Chairman Chris Holbrook on Justice & Drew/Press Roundup

  Breaking down the  LPMN lawsuit over MN voter suppression: On 8-21-19 The Libertarian Party of Minnesota filed a lawsuit case no. 19-cv-2312 in US District Court. The complaint was filed by Erik Kaardal of Mohrman, Kaardal and Erickson, p.a. This was announced in a joint press conference earlier today at the Minnesota State Office

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What The Future May Look Like For Homeschooled Graduates by Jennifer Oswald

https://www.pexels.com/photo/four-women-standing-on-mountain-1574650/ Homeschooling your children in Minnesota sets them up for success in college and beyond. Homeschooled college seniors achieve an average GPA of 3.46 versus 3.16 for other seniors, and they also graduate college at a higher rate (66.7%) than their peers (57.5%), CBS News reports. But what about life after graduation? While there's no statistics on what

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Minnesota elections: Why we must open the gate to minor parties Our state’s current restrictions on groups like Libertarians are, well, un-American. These three reforms will help level the playing field. By Chris Holbrook

“Nothing flatters vanity, nor confirms obstinacy in Kings more than repeated petitioning, and nothing has contributed more than that to make the King absolute.” — Thomas Paine It is high time we modernize election law in Minnesota. Statute 200.20.subd.7 states that a minor political party must achieve 5 percent of the statewide vote in the

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https://unsplash.com/photos/o3tIY5pIork Homeschooling Perseveres Despite Pressure From The Left Homeschooling is becoming an increasingly popular method of educating children as families move their children into a more conservative approach to education. Around 1.7 million children in the U.S. are in the homeschooling system and while there are many reasons, a resounding leftist approach to education is a major

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Roger Parras (L) re-appointed in St. Peter

Former St. Peter council member tipped for vacancy ST. PETER — St. Peter Mayor Chuck Zieman tabbed a familiar face to fill an upcoming City Council vacancy Friday, clearing the way for council members to finalize the appointment at Monday's meeting. Zieman recommended former Council member Roger Parras among the 10 applicants who submitted letters

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