First Avenue Has No Shame

This establishment once stood for freedom of speech and expression. Apparently, that is no longer the case as Dave Chappelle’s show in Minneapolis on Wednesday was canceled just hours before he was set to take the stage. All because of his recent jokes that did not even come close to qualifying as hate speech, (the

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The Surplus Steal by Amos Webskowski

The Democrats and Republicans have, once again, come to a “bipartisan agreement” on how to better spend our money rather than giving it back to us or,  simply, not taking it from us, to begin with. With a record 9.2 billion dollar surplus in the Minnesota budget, lawmakers that are working with governor Walz and

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Petitioning is Now Open!

Just Two Weeks to Stop the Sickness As every Minnesota Libertarian knows, our candidates have to collect an absurd number of signatures in order to appear on the ballot in November, and they only have 2 weeks in which to do it. Those 2 weeks start today! How Can You Help? As a Libertarian Party

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Trucker convoy rally hosted by maskoffmn.org

***THIS EVENT IS NOT HOSTED BY THE LPMN***  "Freezin' for Freedom" Please join us this weekend at our fun bridge rallies supporting the brave Canadian and American truckers standing up for our freedom! This weekend there are two rallies in the Twin Cities, one on Saturday and one Sunday. 💪 Before we get to the

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