Civil Asset Forfeiture

By Mark Deardorff Examples of Civil Asset Forfeiture (CAF) DA seizes a grandmother’s house when her grandson consummates a marijuana purchase by telephone from his bedroom. In Volusia County, Florida, police stop motorists going south on I-95 and seize any cash they are carrying more than $100, reasoning that bringing that much cash meant

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Registration is open for an action-packed 2016 convention on Saturday, April 16th! In addition to our keynote speaker Davi Barker and our Presidential Candidates’ Forum, our convention features speakers and NINE workshops offering practical and fun ways for you to LIVE FREE. Come hear what Libertarians have to offer, and be a part of the future!

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Free Markets Increase Opportunities for the Poor

One area of society that the Libertarian Party, and libertarianism and free markets as a whole, has failed to reach is the poor. The issue lies in the promises of elected leaders to resolve poverty with programs and increased hourly wages without drawing attention to the fact that poverty in liberally run communities persists and

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Government Regulation – For the Corporations, By the Corporations

Government regulation of business essentially began in 1887 with the formation of the ICC (Interstate Commerce Commission), which purportedly was intended to regulate the railroads, a dominant industry of the time.  In a nutshell, major railroad companies had been unable to sustain the big profits they wanted due to "cutthroat competition" from many competitors in

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Libertarian Party of Minnesota Needs Your Help!

What do you want the Libertarian Party of Minnesota to be doing? Should we be educating citizens about Libertarian ideas? Should we be influencing legislation and legislators?  Should we be running our own candidates? For me, the answer is D. All of the above. There is a case to be made for each of those

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Drop Your Shorts

By Mary O’Connor (LPMN Treasurer and former candidate) Health insurance is one big reason health care is so expensive. We should not need insurance to go to the doctor. Health insurance should only be needed for expensive medical procedures. To begin lowering  the  cost of ordinary health care we need to eliminate most employer health

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Bend Over

By Shane Wernsing, M.D. (LPMN EC member and former candidate) In 2010, one of my clinic patients asked me, "How much does it cost to see you?" Stumped, I gave him an answer that I gave as a physician-in-training when one of my teachers grilled me with tough questions: "I don't know, but I will

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Burnsville taxpayers gain ally on City Council

August 25, 2017 The pattern is well-established.  When expenditures don't fit within their budget, government officials grasp for more revenue.  A tax-grab is nearly always their first option. Not so fast, says LPMNer Cara Schulz.  As someone who understands what it's like to hold gainful employment, she knows that residents "don’t get to just get

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Libertarians join city races in Minneapolis

August 16, 2017 Amid city races so far dominated by DFL incumbents and challengers, Libertarian candidates have now joined the field.  The Star Tribune took note of this in their latest article covering the Minneapolis races. None have been involved in politics outside of the libertarian movement, nor been members of any other party.  All

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