-Billboard MoneyBomb for Gary Johnson

Billboard MoneyBomb for Gary Johnson


Billboard design to be advertised – with your help

Update: Thanks to all those who contributed to the MoneyBomb. We raised $5,099. With matching funds, we are able to spend $10,198. Several billboards (see here) are going up all around the state from Duluth, Mankato, Albert Lea, Rochester and more around the metro. The duration is varying depending on location, with some running all the way up to Election Day and others for shorter durations.

Don’t delay. This moneybomb ends Saturday, October 29 at midnight. You In? Chip In!

This is the final hour. Gary Johnson’s campaign has reached out to the public by funding phone calls and radio ads. The LPMN has also funded outreach especially during the State Fair. Yard signs continue to pop up on lawns.

All this is good, but we need a clincher.

With the election just 2 weeks away, many are still undecided. Some are considering Burning Their Vote (www.burnmyvote.org) rather than casting it for either Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton. But there’s a better way. Let’s show the public that there’s a better choice by turning up the heat with billboard ads along major highways right till Election Day.

A one-week ad on an electronic billboard, reaching hundreds of thousands of people, costs $1500. To run it for a day, costs around $225.

Matching Funds – Double the Impact

The LPMN will match donations with existing funds, dollar for dollar. That means that $1500 in donations will produce 2 billboards. If we reach $6,000, that will fund 8 billboards in excellent highway traffic locations for one week.

The stronger the results Gary Johnson obtains in Minnesota, the stronger the voice Libertarians will gain. That means more attention, more media coverage of the message of liberty, and perhaps even major party status for the Libertarian Party of Minnesota.

Choose freedom and please donate right away! There has never been a better time to bring a sane choice to the table.

Billboard MoneyBomb for Gary Johnson!

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