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Registration is open for our 2019 LPMN State Convention! It will be April 27th at the Cambria Suites in Maple Grove again. We will hear from local champions, leaders, officials and coalition partners on recent wins and losses. Plus our keynote will be the newly elected, energetic, and optimistic LNC Vice Chair Alex Merced from New York. Come be part of our biggest event of the year!

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Libertarian Party Versus Independence Party: What are the Differences?

ARTICLE BY: James Jenneman Independence Party of Minnesota Background The insurgent candidacy of Texas billionaire Ross Perot in the 1992 presidential race that, like most elections, presented no good options from the two big parties, was the most successful “third party” run since Theodore Roosevelt’s run on the Progressive Party ticket. Perot’s ultimately unsuccessful presidential

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Full house in race for Maye Quade’s seat

Matthew Swenson announces campaign in House 57A Matthew Swenson officially declared his candidacy for the 57A seat in the Minnesota House of Representatives. Swenson is a resident of Apple Valley and has a professional background in education. He said in a press release that he decided to run for office as a Libertarian to offer

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Minnesota elections: Why we must open the gate to minor parties

“Nothing flatters vanity, nor confirms obstinacy in Kings more than repeated petitioning, and nothing has contributed more than that to make the King absolute.” — Thomas Paine It is high time we modernize election law in Minnesota. Statute 200.20.subd.7 states that a minor political party must achieve 5 percent of the statewide vote in the

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Cosmos resident elected Libertarian national delegate

Jill Galvan of Cosmos is among 19 Minnesotans elected as a national delegate at the Libertarian Party of Minnesota State Convention April 14 in Maple Grove. This is the first time Galvan has served as a Minnesota delegate. According to a press release, she is a leader for Minnesota's 7th Congressional District, and intends to

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Civil Asset Forfeiture

By Mark Deardorff Examples of Civil Asset Forfeiture (CAF) DA seizes a grandmother’s house when her grandson consummates a marijuana purchase by telephone from his bedroom. In Volusia County, Florida, police stop motorists going south on I-95 and seize any cash they are carrying more than $100, reasoning that bringing that much cash meant

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Registration is open for an action-packed 2016 convention on Saturday, April 16th! In addition to our keynote speaker Davi Barker and our Presidential Candidates’ Forum, our convention features speakers and NINE workshops offering practical and fun ways for you to LIVE FREE. Come hear what Libertarians have to offer, and be a part of the future!

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