September 16, 2009

Young people find liberty at Vans Warped music festival

The Vans Warped Tour, a festival of alternative, punk, metal, and rap music, came to Shakopee in August. Several thousand people, mostly young adults, enjoyed an afternoon of freedom of expression with music by their favorite bands.

August 6, 2009

LPMN stands up for personal freedom at Pride

Outright Libertarians, the GLBT affiliate of the LPMN, set up a booth at this year's Pride in Loring Park, Minneapolis.
August 5, 2009

LPMN outreach at Renewable Energy Fair

In a multi-state effort coordinated by the LPIL, the LPMN assisted with volunteers and funding for a booth at the Midwest Renewable Energy Fair in central Wisconsin in June.

July 10, 2009

Letter from the Chair encourages Minnesota Libertarians to run for upcoming elections

Dear Libertarians and Liberty Lovers, As you sit down to watch the evening news each night, you probably feel alone in your beliefs. You don't want to see the government throw any more of your money into poor investments or more government power. As each new dilemma crawls across your screen, whether it's public health care, poor spending practices, or the increasing number of expensive governmental programs, your nose wrinkles at the smell of an overly powerful government -- and it should!

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