July 6, 2014

Keegan Iversen at the Delano 4th of July Parade (video)

"Being a Veteran and an underdog most of my life has taught me the work ethic to get the job done. Work always comes before success. If you’re not hearing about the State Auditor unless its during an election cycle then the position is not working for you. I can change that. Let's make a difference in Minnesota and bring transparency and accountability. It's time for a revamp of the State Auditor's Office." -Keegan Iversen
June 3, 2014

Is Governor Dayton ‘libertarian’ enough to let Libertarians into the debates? An Open Letter from Chris Holbrook, Libertarian candidate for Governor

Dear Mark, After a hard day of collecting signatures and talking to voters about my upcoming campaign, I was rather excited to see the piece that Baird Helgeson penned for the Star Tribune about your ‘strong libertarian impulses.’ The fact that you vacillate between Libertarian and Liberal on a daily basis is one of the many reasons I’ve stepped forward to run, as an option for Minnesotans who want someone who doesn’t waver on liberty.
June 3, 2014

Libertarian Party of Minnesota Runs Full Slate of Candidates in Statewide Election

The Libertarian Party of Minnesota announces we are successful in our petitioning efforts to field five statewide candidates for the 2014 statewide election. It is the first time the LPMN has fielded a full slate since 1998. Candidates of minor political parties in Minnesota need to gather 2000 signatures during a two week period that ends June 3rd to be listed on the ballot for state-wide races. All candidates have the required number of a signatures, plus a comfortable margin. The petitions are scheduled to be handed in to the Secretary of State's office today (Tuesday) at 1pm for verification.
May 30, 2014

Libertarian gubernatorial candidate unlawfully arrested for gathering ballot access signatures

We need YOUR help! Libertarian gubernatorial candidate Chris Holbrook was unlawfully arrested by Minneapolis Park Police at Lake Calhoun for exercising his first amendment rights by gathering signatures in order to gain ballot access. Unlike candidates of the two major parties, Libertarian candidates are required to gather 2,000 signatures within a two-week period just to be listed on the statewide ballot. With five candidates running, that's 10,000 signatures by June 3rd!