December 9, 2014

Police brutality and criminal justice following the Eric Garner tragedy

The tragedy of deaths such as Eric Garner, and the subsequent refusal of a Grand Jury to indict the officer involved in his death, highlights several related systemic problems we have in the United States. Until we address all of these issues, tragedies like Garner's will continue to happen.
November 28, 2014

Why the Low Voter Turnout?

What would fix elections is a free market competition, in politics. The same excitement and involvement that the free market generates in other areas would be transferred to politics. This would include having third parties in the debates and allowing more major parties other than boring “Pepsi” and “Coke.” Not only do citizens need to acknowledge that our system of elections is flawed, but that the suggestions to remedy it by the Star Tribune are flawed as well.
November 16, 2014

Election recap for Libertarian candidates 2014

This is a summary of results by our Libertarian candidates in the November election. Two candidates won, others came close, but all candidates were successful in introducing the libertarian message to the public. Notable results and other issues of importance from around the country are also discussed.
November 11, 2014

Mindset of young voters in Central Minnesota? Complex

The St Cloud Times recently published a story featuring Andy Burns, the LPMN Executive Director, about the mindset of young voters and their attitudes toward voting: why they vote, why they don’t vote, and what they expect following the midterm election.