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An appeal to conservatives: Opposing the Gay Marriage Ban on Constitutional grounds

"Mind what people do, not what they say for deeds will betray a lie." - Terry Goodkind

The LPMN's previous article discussed our principled position against the proposed gay marriage ban, which we hope will convince libertarians, liberals, and conservatives alike. Here is an additional op-ed piece by Executive Committee member Tylor James Slinger, intended to counter some of MNGOP's arguments:

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LPMN Convention discusses direction of libertarian movement

At the State Convention on April 30, balloting was held for all party officials and Executive Committee seats, with four new at-large members joining the LPMN leadership. Three changes were made to the Bylaws, and a Libertarian candidate was nominated for local-level office. Speakers discussed Libertarian politics at the national level and challenged the convention delegates to consider new ways to move the libertarian movement forward.

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2011 LPMN State Convention

Registration is now open for the 2011 state convention, to be held on April 30th in Rochester. Attendance is open to the public. It's an opportunity for the public to hear distinguished Libertarian speakers as well as for members to conduct business. Early registration is requested but not required; those interested in attending may arrive the day of the convention.

A new choice,
      A new direction,
             A new future!

View State Convention Details.

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Message from the Chair: 2010 “Constitutional Candidates”

Would you like to help hold Minnesota's legislators accountable? In 2010, I helped to publicize candidates for public office through my public cable access show, "Constitutional Candidates". While these candidates were not LPMN-endorsed, they had expressed support for limited government. About 60 candidates were interviewed in half-hour shows produced with Sue Jeffers, talk show host for FM 100.3 KTLK. None held office, and most had never been in office before.

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LPMN endorses National Opt-Out Day at airports on November 24

Airline travelers are increasingly upset by the TSA's latest invasive and demeaning tactics, as government officials seem deaf to the outrage. Story after story fills the news with tales of travelers humiliated at airport security checkpoints and fed-up with a massive bureaucracy out of control. In protest, the LPMN is urging resistance to the government's new body scanners and enhanced pat-downs.

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Election recap for Libertarian candidates

Unfortunately, no LPMN candidates won this time around. Nonetheless, important positives can be gleaned from the results. Many thanks to all of our candidates for making the personal decision to stand up, spread the message, and get active for liberty! In addition, a news roundup is presented of other races around the nation which may be of interest to Libertarians.

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Voter’s Guide to endorsed candidates

This is a list of candidates endorsed by the LPMN. We hope this voter's guide will assist our membership and supporters in choosing the most pro-liberty candidates possible in the November 2 general election.

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Candidate Focus: Bob Odden for Columbia Heights Mayor

The small suburb of Columbia Heights, in the northern Twin Cities metro, has saddled its residents with a shocking 40% increase in property taxes in just the last five years. Libertarian candidate Bob Odden is running to stop the fiscal recklessness, making a second run against incumbent Mayor Gary Peterson.

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