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Libertarian activists make splash at Capitol hearings

With several new gun control proposals under consideration by the legislature, Libertarians gained a high profile by speaking publicly in defense of the freedom of all peaceful, responsible people to own firearms. Videos of their testimony are included below.

The three days of public hearings in St Paul drew significant opposition to new legislation infringing on the freedom to bear arms. Libertarian leaders took front stage, emphasizing the right to self-defense, the misguidedness of restrictions which target responsible citizens who've harmed no one, and offering a liberty-based solution to help prevent violence at schools.

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2013 State Convention

  Registration is open for what will be an action-packed 2013 convention! It'll be the Libertarian event of the year in Minnesota, so you won't want to miss it! We've seen tremendous growth since the 2012 elections, but it's only just begun. People are ready for a party that cuts across the false Left vs

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LPMN urges restoration of self-defense at schools

In the aftermath of the recent senseless tragedy at a Connecticut school, legislators in both Washington and St Paul are gearing up to "do something". The Libertarian Party of Minnesota is proposing a solution to bolster school safety, while defending the ability of responsible individuals to bear arms.

By a 7-0 vote, the LPMN Executive Committee unanimously passed a resolution calling for federal and state legislators to repeal the prohibition on self-defense by teachers and other adults on school grounds, to resist misguided legislation that further erodes freedom, and to stand up for the right of all peaceful, responsible adults to defend themselves. We believe that violence is best addressed by expanding liberty, not by further restricting it.

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Ten Reasons to Consider the Libertarian Party

Lately many in the liberty movement have been asking "what to do next?" To start, let's remember that WE THE PEOPLE are the leaders, not the politicians! The actions we take will influence what happens next. It's up to us to choose what form of action will create the best results from our efforts. That said, here are 10 compelling reasons why Ron Paul Republicans should strongly consider joining the Libertarian Party to promote the message of liberty!

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Ron Paul coordinators join LPMN leadership

After years of battling within the GOP in the hopes that the cause of liberty might be taken seriously by its leaders and candidates, some activists from Ron Paul's movement turned to the LPMN. They found a very different reception!

Three of Ron Paul's Minnesota coordinators realized that liberty had reached the end of the line in the Republican Party after their national convention in Tampa, Florida. Recognizing that a consistent voice for liberty is what's needed in today's debate, and that Libertarians are uniquely positioned to reach out to both the Right and the Left to promote the benefits of freedom, they approached the Libertarian Party.

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Voter’s Guide to candidates and amendments 2012

Here are candidates which have been nominated or endorsed by the LPMN this year, as well as our positions on the proposed constitutional amendments. We hope this voter's guide will assist our membership and supporters in choosing the most pro-liberty candidates and positions in the November 6 general election.

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Gary Johnson obtains spot on Minnesota ballot

Liberty-minded people across the state can now look forward to two people worthy of their vote! Libertarian presidential and vice presidential candidates Gary Johnson and Jim Gray will be appearing on the Minnesota ballot in November. It's the culmination of a summer-long effort, although many may not be aware of the significant work needed to make this happen.

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Statewide outreach blitz underway by LPMN

The Libertarian Party of Minnesota has nearly tripled its public outreach this year over last! Events attended in previous years are being revisited, and activists are also raising the Libertarian banner at a number of new events. It's been a busy summer; here's a rundown of the efforts.

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LPMN reaches out to youth

Public speaking is one of the ways the LPMN works to promote the principles and benefits of liberty. This spring, several groups of high school students were introduced to the libertarian philosophy.

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