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Libertarianism 101: How to be a Proper Corporate Shill

There are an excess of benefits to being a libertarian in 2013. First, there's the whole minor party status thing. Then you consider the huge number of ladies that fill our ranks which makes Ladies Nights at any local bar look tame. But, if I was to pick just one thing that makes being a libertarian great, I'd have to say it’s the corporate sponsorships, the fat bonus checks, and court side seats that make fighting for liberty so great. Would be critics of libertarianism try and discredit the movement by claiming that we've been bought and paid for by corporations to create pseudo-economic arguments in their favor. If only they knew the half of it.

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Liberty Golf Tournament

Help send the message of Liberty to the Minnesota State Fair! Come out for 18 holes of golf with MN Party Chair David Arvidson and members of the Executive Committee at one of Minnesota’s premiere 18 hole championship golf courses one week before we return to the State Fair. Each player will receive an official “Liberty Towel” golf towel, cart use, range time, and burgers and brats catered by Deer Run.

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The Watering Hole – Liberty in the Park 2013

What started as a pretty dismal morning did indeed bloom into a beautiful day filled with freedom and fellowship. Liberty in the Park hosted by none other than the Libertarian Party of Minnesota, took place this last weekend (July 13th) at Burnes Park in Hopkins. Considering that this was a quasi-political event, I was surprised that guests were not on the defensive but were quite approachable and amiable. I met with several new faces and count each liberty encounter as a treasure.

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Safety From Yourselves?

Celebrating Independence Day has always been a thrilling event for me. Family, backyard barbeques, and the best yet, fireworks. Growing up we had the luxury of a car that could take us to Hudson, WI for the purpose of buying fire crackers, bottle rockets, and other non-ground effect pyro-technics. I know not many in Minnesota had the benefit of a motor vehicle to get what the law considers contraband, but strangely enough, there were many in Burnsville who did. But all satire aside, I have always found this law to be erroneous and non-competitive for Minnesotan businesses.

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You are NOT complicit: Bullet to the Brain of Libertarian Purity

Libertarian purity is the stuff of legends. It’s right up there with phoenix tears and virgin blood as far as mythological alchemists are concerned. As part of the purification ritual of ‘true’ libertarianism, the acolytes must not shower for over a year. The justification being that tap water is under the control of the government monopoly. This grave infraction is punishable by having to sew a large red "S" into your clothing. "S" is for Statist.

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In Defense of Miss Utah

Reality T.V. has a strange grip on our culture today and it seems a litany of shows each year try to capture a new niche market. Unfortunately, reading Mises, Hayek and Rothbard has not made me immune to the hypnotic pull watching a bunch of kids living in a house, contests of eating bugs and other disgusting items, or what appears to be an American past time, the beauty pageant. So, when my wife and the in-laws turned on the tube Sunday night, I found myself watching the finalists of the Miss USA Pageant being grilled about modern social and economic issues.

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The 7 reasons I thought I was a Democrat (and the reasons I’m not anymore)

After 17 years in the primary and collegial school systems it’s not hard to come out with a few unexamined opinions regarding political parties and their politics. I love gays, immigrants, students, helping the poor, democracy, workers, and the environment. A.k.a. what the average guy or gal on the street thinks of as a “Democrat”. But when examining the rationalizations given for specific legislative solutions, I began to re-examine those key issues that “made” me a liberal. If I wanted to build a world with more equality, more prosperity AND more freedom, the answer was not going to be more government.

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Secret Civil Libertarians in the MN Legislature

Our libertarian activists and members work hard outside the hallowed halls of power to educate and articulate to the public on what a libertarian society would look like and how it would function if our elected officials legislated in a libertarian fashion. With all the talk of NEW taxes and spending needed to save our state, this session lacks any real discussion of libertarian ideas for solving the depression/recession cycle that has gripped our county. But there is a silver lining to the whole mess of legislation coming from the state capitol.

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LPMN offers new solution to gay marriage debate

Gay-rights activists and supporters are gearing up to push for a change to state law, seeking to end the ban on same-sex marriage. As the legislature gets ready to tackle this divisive issue, the LPMN is proposing a new solution.

In May 2011, the Libertarian Party of Minnesota was among the first organizations to take a stand against the anti-liberty Marriage Amendment, recognizing that marriage is a fundamental human right and should be a private matter between individuals. Shortly afterward, the LPMN joined the Minnesotans United coalition which mobilized a year-long statewide campaign to defeat it. In October 2012, Libertarian presidential candidate Gary Johnson added his voice, condemning the attempt to enshrine discrimination into the state constitution.

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