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Liberty Launch 2014 Memberbomb

We're experiencing continued growth, but we'll need another leap forward in membership to allow us to achieve our number one goal in 2014: major party status! We're aiming for 50 new/renewing members to join during Liberty Launch 2014 (Feb 3rd-8th). Every member counts. Help us send a clear message to the political establishment that there's a new party in town!

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LPMN issues ranked endorsements for Minneapolis Mayor

In a Press Release to metro-area media, the Libertarian Party of Minnesota announced its preferences for Minneapolis Mayor under the ranked-choice voting system to be used by city residents in November. The LPMN is pleased to assist Minneapolis residents by vetting the most libertarian-leaning mayoral candidates in this unprecedented 35-candidate race.

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Minnesota State Fair Recap

What a success! Thank you to the thousands of people we met at the State Fair! Many of the folks from outside of the twin cities area often times feel they are a lone voice, chatting with them gave them a sense of camaraderie and empowerment. They have a tougher task ahead of

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Was It Worth It?

I grew up in a generation whose culture taught us that being anti-war was weak and unpatriotic. Then my generation went to war. We went to Iraq and Afghanistan, and our brothers began to come home in body bags. There is nothing weak about that. The reality of war is hard. It is painful, and the costs are high.

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