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Petitioning update, week 1

These are the two most important weeks in the entire election season for us, period. One has already passed. We'll have to double down and boost our efforts significantly in this upcoming week if we are to get all 5 statewide candidates on the ballot. It would be the first to the LPMN has done so since 1998.

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Petition to get our statewide Libertarian candidates on the ballot! We need your help, May 20 – June 3.

If you have not heard already, we nominated three great candidates for statewide office at our convention a couple weeks back! Please take a moment and visit our 2014 candidates page to learn more about Chris Holbrook for Governor/Chris Dock for Lt. Governor, Heather Johnson for U.S. Senate, and Keegan Iversen for State Auditor. These three have agreed to step forth and brandish the Libertarian flag to the people of Minnesota this election season. But they can’t do it alone.

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Five statewide candidates up for nomination at LPMN Convention

The Libertarian Party of Minnesota showcases a new vitality and expanded appeal to voters during its State Convention. With a recent Gallup poll showing that 46% of all people do not identify with either of the two major political parties while 22% say they identify as libertarian, libertarianism is experiencing a marked upswing. This may impact 2014 elections in Minnesota.

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Will you be a Pirate or a Ninja at the LPMN State Convention?

This year the Libertarian Party of Minnesota has jam-packed the day with a host of presenters that will knock your socks off… And unless you’ve been under a rock, BEN SWANN IS COMING! This year activists are going to have to answer the highly contentious, extremely serious and deeply philosophical question of our time... Are you are Libertarian Pirate or a Libertarian Ninja? The question will haunt you throughout the day.

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2014 LPMN State Convention

Registration is open for an action-packed 2014 convention on Saturday, April 26! In addition to our keynote speaker, nationally respected libertarian journalist Ben Swann, our convention will feature speakers and workshops offering practical and fun ways you can LIVE FREE. Come hear what Libertarians have to offer, and be a part of the future!

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Political Aikido, Part 2: $5 income tax checkoff

Unfortunately, it's that time of year when we all have to deal with income taxes. But this year, there's a bright spot. You'll see something you haven't seen before. Due to our newly officially-recognized status, "Libertarian" is now one of the options for the $5 political check-off. It won't affect your payment or refund, so when you file, please keep us in mind!

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