October 21, 2015

Stop Border Patrol drug-busting of US citizens

Washington, D.C. — Agents of U.S. Customs and Border Patrol (CBP) in the southwestern United States are unconstitutionally harassing and detaining American citizens, on a fishing expedition for drug busts, sometimes as far as 100 miles from the border.
October 15, 2015

Independence Party candidate criticizes Libertarian solutions on regulation

An Independence Party candidate has criticized Libertarian proposals that market-based organizations can perform the regulatory function more reliably than government, highlighting how Libertarian stances differ from those of all other parties. However, his statement also promoted false and misleading claims about Libertarians, prompting a call for integrity in politics.
October 8, 2015

Republicans are not Libertarians: a Q&A with a leader of the LPMN

'Liberty' and 'libertarian' are a favorite term of Republicans these days. But do not confuse libertarian Republicans with actual Libertarians. Our LPMN Vice Chair interviewed with longstanding Minnesota political reporter Cyndy Brucato to explain the distinction and to discuss what's happening in the Libertarian Party of Minnesota.
October 2, 2015

Libertarian and Green Parties sue FEC for anti-trust violations in Presidential Debates

Washington, D.C. — The Libertarian and Green parties, along with their respective 2012 presidential candidates, Gov. Gary Johnson and Jill Stein, filed a lawsuit in federal court in Washington, D.C. today, charging that the exclusion of qualified candidates from the general election presidential debates by the Commission on Presidential Debates (CPD) violates federal anti-trust laws.

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