Cambria Suites Hotel, 9655 Grove Circle N, Maple Grove, MN 55369

Registration is open for an action-packed 2016 convention on Saturday, April 16, featuring our Presidential Candidates Forum, two keynotes, sixteen different workshops offering practical and fun ways for you to LIVE FREE, and much more! Come hear what Libertarians have to offer, and be a part of the future!

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The event of the year, don’t miss it!

The convention schedule and attendance package options are listed below and will continue to be updated with additional speakers and workshops.

The convention is an “open media” day. All who attend are free to record the proceedings and speakers, and post them online as they wish. (An exception is the morning Business Session, which will be at the Chair’s discretion.)

The LPMN Hospitality Suite and the Agorist Hospitality Suite are both open during the convention and hosting after-hours events with opportunities for networking and refreshments. They will also offer additional events throughout the day.



The registration and badge pick-up station is located in the lobby of the hotel, in front of the Main Convention Hall.

9 am to 12 midnight – LPMN HOSPITALITY SUITE

The LPMN Hospitality Suite, located up the stairs from the convention hall in room 201, is open all day and has coffee, tea, and rolls.



Have some mimosas and french toast, and chat about voluntary approaches and solutions to today’s challenges.

10 am to 1 pm – BUSINESS SESSION:

10am – LPMN State Party Business

The business meeting is in the Main Convention Hall. The agenda is provided separately and will include discussion of proposed bylaws changes, Judicial Committee elections, and voting by members to nominate Libertarian candidates for office.

11am Libertarian Presidential Candidate Forum

Lower-Johnson-Feldman-SterlingSeveral candidates running for the Libertarian presidential nomination are taking part in this live forum. The moderator will get things started with a few questions and then we’ll take questions from the audience. This is your opportunity to evaluate whom you think would make the best candidate and have your voice heard. Candidates vying for the Libertarian Party nomination for President are on hand to answer your questions. The candidates include Governor Gary Johnson, Marc Feldman, and Shawna Sterling. Bart Lower has dropped from the race.



12:30pm Selection of National Delegates

Voting members will choose the delegates to represent Minnesota at the National Libertarian Convention to be held May 27-30 in Orlando, Florida.


For non-members who don’t wish to participate in the business meeting, several alternatives are offered in the Agorist Hospitality Suite.

10am – Your Next Language

The first language you should learn is not Spanish, French, or German. Instead learn a computer language that can increase your productivity and FREE your time.

11am – A Procrastinator’s Workshop

A writer’s workshop for the rest of us. Get that short story on paper and get published in 2016!

12noon – Intro to Agorafest 2016

Do you Agora bro?  It’s what some have called the PorcFest of the Midwest. Come meet past attendees and learn more about this amazing event.

1 pm  – LUNCH

Attendees can break for lunch at their leisure. Hotel staff will be available for check-in for overnight guests. The hotel cafe is NOT open during lunch, but there are many dining options nearby.


Each speaker covers a topic of interest to the libertarian movement … and they’ll do it in 10 minutes. Main Convention Hall, rooms A & B.

Andrew RothmanAndrew Rothman, Minnesota Gun Owners Civil Rights Alliance (GOCRA) – If you thought attempts to remove the 2nd Amendment right to self-defense from citizens were over, think again. This legislative session is slated to be a very busy one.  Mr Rothman gives us a rundown of what to expect and what actions to take.




Jessica Craig Osseo School BoardJessica Craig, Osseo School Board Member – Ms Craig was elected to the Osseo Area Board of Education in Minnesota in the 2014 election. She’ll discuss how to protect your child’s privacy and protect your parental rights in the public school system.




Gary Wederspahn Final Exit NetworkGary Wederspahn, Final Exit Network  – Mr Wederspahn is a board member of Final Exit Network, successor to the national right-to-die organization formerly known as The Hemlock Society. He’ll talk about the ultimate in ownership over your own body — the right to humanely end your life.




Victoria Tankersley Univ St ThomasVictoria Tankersley, University of St Thomas – Is our way of governing, and especially our criminal justice system, really just a mechanism for control and racial pacification? Dust off your Foucault and delve back into how classical liberalism never came to fruition.




John Augustine Legislative EvaluationJohn Augustine, Legislative Evaluation Assembly (LEA) of Minnesota – This non-partisan, all-volunteer organization is dedicated to educating citizens about Minnesota government. LEA Chairman/President John Augustine will share state legislation affecting political parties and Constitutional issues that will be on the ballot this fall.




Andrew-Henderson-CopBlockAndrew Henderson, The Drewks – Minnesota’s most famous CopBlock activist, Mr Henderson is known for winning acquittal in 2014 after police charged him with obstruction of justice and disorderly conduct for filming police activities at his apartment complex in the city of Little Canada. He made national news for bringing to light a St Paul Police Sergeant’s social media postings encouraging motorists to run over Black Lives Matter protesters, leading to the officer’s dismissal.



3:30 pm – AFTERNOON WORKSHOPS: Your Choice from Three Tracks!

Take your pick from 13 different workshops in three different education tracks. You can learn how to volunteer for a campaign or run for office in the Political Track, or you may choose to sharpen your counter-economics skills in the Agorist Track. More interested in the hot topics of the day? Then the Issues Track may be more your style. Attendees are welcome to check out one or more of these workshops, which are staggered in three-session timeslots during this segment of the convention. Go “all in” on a track or sample from all three – the choice is yours.


3:30pm – Make Your Own Convention T-shirt  (Main Hall, Side A)
Art instructor Nicole Volk walks you through the process of creating your own t-shirt. Bring your own t-shirt and she supplies the rest. Space in this class is limited! You must pre-register for this workshop by emailing

3:30pm – Top 3 Topics Facing Libertarians  (LPMN Hospitality Suite, room 201)
What do YOU think are the three most important topics for Libertarians? What issues would you like to see the LPMN and Libertarian candidates address? This is your opportunity to talk directly to the LPMN leadership.

5:30pm Candidate Workshop  (LPMN Hospitality Suite, room 201)
Ever thought about running for office and showing your neighbors that liberty solutions can work? As an alternative, perhaps you’d prefer to help manage a campaign. Chris Holbrook, the LPMN’s 2014 Gubernatorial candidate, joins with other current LPMN elected officials to answer your questions.


3:30pm – The Two Most Impolite Topics  (Main Hall, Side B)
This panel takes on those two taboo topics: religion and politics. Can you be a “good” member of a faith and be a libertarian? Do various religious ethics and libertarian philosophy match? If so, what are they? Ryan Moe speaks from a Christian perspective, Robert Stewart from a Jewish perspective, Cara Schulz addresses Pagan religions, and keynote speaker Davi Barker speaks from a Muslim perspective.

4:30pm – Flat or Fair?  (LPMN Hospitality Suite,  room 201)
We all hate paying taxes. There are layers and layers of taxes today. A flat tax and the FairTax are two potential alternatives to the current system, but which is better and why? LPMN Treasurer Mary O’Connor will be advocating for a flat tax, and Executive Director Kevin Bradley will argue the merits of the FairTax. The audience is welcome to join in.

5:30pm – The Jaws of the Beast  (Main Hall, Side B)
It’s easier than people think to get caught in “the jaws of the beast.” That’s when you suddenly find yourself at the total mercy of the government,  prosecuting you for crimes that don’t exist and arbitrarily taking away your livelihood. When common sense doesn’t prevail, Kyle Roggenbuck and Jay Nygaard relate their unbelievable experiences. If it happened to them, it can happen to you.


3:30pm – Encrypting Your Life  (Agorist Hospitality Suite, room 301)
Would you live in a house with no shades and a perfect view of your bedroom from the street? Or how about a house with no locks and no door? This is how most people live their virtual lives. They don’t take even the most rudimentary precautions with their personal computers. It’s time to discuss the theory of encryption and how it makes us more free in today’s world.

4:30pm – The Voluntary Life  (Main Hall, Side B)
How do you incorporate the Non-Aggression Principle into all aspects of your life? How you parent, how you make a living, and how you aquire goods and services? Our panel will give you tips and ideas on how to live a voluntary life.

5:30pm – CBD Oil  (Main Hall, Side A)
CBD oil is often referred to as the forgotten side of medical marijuana. Alicia Hardimon talks about government regulations and the value of CBD oils, showing the viability of the entire plant. Bring your questions and a notepad for taking notes.

5:30pm – Growing Food to Starve the Beast  (Agorist Hospitality Suite, room 301)
Growing your own food and being more self-sufficient is one way you can lessen the hold the government has over your life. Our expert gardener will show you the most cost effective, efficient ways to grow your own food … even if you live in an apartment!


Attendees may enjoy the dinner buffet if they purchased tickets in advance, or enjoy dinner on their own (the hotel cafe is open and there are several restaurants in the area). The dinner buffet will offer barbeque chicken, pulled pork, herb-roasted red potatoes, coleslaw, rolls, garden salad with assorted dressings, and dessert. Ask anyone who enjoyed the buffet last year, it’s amazing!

7:30 pm – Anarchist vs Minarchist Debate

Malleck-Slinger-Dock-BurnsIt’s the oldest debate within the Libertarian Party.  Should Libertarians advocate for limited government, or can all essential functions be performed by the marketplace? Is the Dallas Accord dead or enjoying a resurgence in Minnesota?  It’ll be a battle of Libertarian heavyweights.  S.L. Malleck (LPMN Vice Chair) and Tylor Slinger (Agorafest Coordinator) will represent the Anarchist position, while Chris Dock (LPMN Chair) and Andy Burns (National LP Affiliate Development Specialist) will represent the Minarchist position. Grab a beer and root for your favorite team!




Robert Baril Comedian AM950Robert Baril
A philosophy and political science major in college, Robert uses his sharp wit to cut through the most dense and divisive issues of the day.  His trademark brand of smart, lacerating humor has made him one of the fastest rising comedians in the Twin Cities, and garnered him his own radio show on AM950, Laughing Matters with Robert Baril.




Joe & Tylor bench_reducedJoe McKenzie & Tylor Slinger:  Don’t Tell, Ask
The ability to listen is becoming an uncommon skill. Active listening results in a better understanding of another person’s needs. Can Libertarians work to restore civil discourse by rising above today’s “talking at someone” culture, by asking about others’ needs and then listening closely?  Joe and Tylor will demonstrate how the skill of active listening can help us reach out to non-libertarians.



Avens O’Brien, Second-Generation Libertarian
Many of us adopt libertarian philosophy once we’re adults, but how does your perspective change if you were born into it? A leader in the millennial generation, Ms O’Brien will talk about the good, the bad, and the ugly in the libertarian movement and the reasons to be optimistic.



Davi BarkerDavi Barker, The Muslim Agorist
Author of “Voluntary Islam”, “Authoritarian Sociopathy”, and several libertarian fiction titles, and also a leader of the national organization Muslims For Liberty, Mr Barker is a longtime activist in promoting peaceful, voluntary interaction. He’ll be presenting on the psychology behind obedience and authority and how we can free ourselves from the oppression of statism.




After-party drink graphicRelax in the LPMN Hospitality Suite and make some new like-minded friends at our themed after-party. Dressing to fit the theme is welcome, but optional — because we’re Libertarians! You can be literal and dress in the LP Party color or a bit more figurative and dress for a garden party. Kick back with fellow attendees over beer, wine, and our two specialty drinks.

If you’re looking for something a bit more adventurous, head over to Dante’s Inferno in the Agorist Hospitality Suite.




convention-ticketThe convention will be at the Cambria Suites Hotel in Maple Grove, in the northern Twin Cities metro. Photos and general information about this facility can be seen here. For those who wish to stay overnight, the LPMN has a bloc of rooms reserved at a reduced room rate. Contact the hotel at 763-494-5556 to book a room.

The address is: Cambria Suites Hotel, 9655 Grove Circle N, Maple Grove, MN 55369



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The event of the year, don’t miss it!