2010 LPMN State Convention

Our 38th year of influenceThe LPMN is pleased to announce that registration is now open for the 2010 state convention, to be held on April 24. Attendance is open to the public. It’s an opportunity for the public to hear distinguished Libertarian speakers as well as for members to conduct business. Early registration is requested but not required; those interested in attending may arrive the day of the convention.

During this year’s business meeting there are proposed party bylaw changes. Below are a two documents for attendees to read in advance. Copies will also be passed out at the convention:

Speakers for the 2010 LPMN State Convention are Dr. Mary Ruwart, Ph.D. and Pat Anderson.

Dr. Mary Ruwart was a contender for the 2008 Libertarian Party presidential nomination, is a longtime liberty activist, pharmaceutical research scientist and healthcare expert, and author of the book Healing Our World.

Pat Anderson is a candidate for Minnesota State Auditor, former Mayor of Eagan, businesswoman, and President of the Free Market Institute.

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